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Gates County
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Jury Commission

The Jury Commission

The Jury Commission consists of three members which is appointed by the senior regular resident superior court judge, a member by the clerk of superior court, and a member by the Board of County Commissioners to certify jurors. The jury commissioners' role as the independent unbiased authorizers of the master list of jurors continues to be vital to the North Carolina Court System.  Commission meets when needed. 

Composition and Appointment

In each county, there is a jury commission that is made up of a panel of three citizens who serve as jury commissioners, which are appointed positions.  The senior resident superior court judge, elected clerk of superior court, and board of county commissioners each appoint one member to serve on the jury commission.  The appointee must be a qualified voter in the county where they will serve.  The commissioners serve a two year term although they may be re-appointed to an unlimited number of terms.  It is the ultimate decision of the official that appointed the commissioner to reappoint that jury commissioner once his or her term expires


Current Board of Commissioners Appointee:

Fannie Langston

200 Court Street, Gatesville, NC 27938, (252) 357-2411